Wednesday 13.12.2017
09:00 Welcome address
09:10 Overview of the workshop Day 1 – organizational details
09:15 Key note on the digital strategy of P&G
Andre Convents, P&G
10:00 Overview of projects funded under SPIRE-01-2014 Integrated Process Control on projects
CONSENS: Manuel Pereira Remelhe, Bayer AG, Germany
ProPAT: Yorgos Chalkias, IRIS, Spain
RECOBA: Omar Naeem, BASF SE, Germany
DISIRE: George Nikolakopoulos, Luleå Uni of Technology, Sweden
iCspec: Rainer Strzoda, Siemens AG, Germany
11:00 Coffee break and networking

Highlights & Case studies 1

Already producing or still calibrating? - Online NMR Spectroscopy as Smart Field Device

Michael Maiwald, BAM

NIR control of polymer processing
Frans L. Muller - University of Leeds

Plantwide control of modularized production plants
Sebastian Engell, TU Dortmund

Resource efficient liquid steelmaking – Process modeling and real-time sensing for control of melt temperature
Bernd Kleimt, VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut

13:00 Lunch break

Highlights & Case studies 2

On-line process model for silicon refining – An operator support system based  on nonlinear model predictive control
Kjetil Hildal, Elkem

PAT and digitalization for paving the way to Industry 4.0
Alejandro Rosales - IRIS

Image-based diagnosis tool for combustion improvements
Carlos Herce, CIRCE (Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption)

The Highway from Big Data Analytics to Advanced Process Control
Andreas Krüger; atlan-tec Systems GmbH

Real-time gas composition measurement – a prerequisite for efficient process control
Rainer Strzoda, Siemens AG

16:00 Coffee break and networking




Panel discussion

SPIRE towards post H2020
Àngels Orduña Cao, Executive Director A.SPIRE aisbl

Digitalization Manufacturing – Impact on Industry, Society and Economy
Harald Peters, BFI
Andre Convents, P&G
Martin Winter, Cefic

17:30 End of 1st day
19:00 Get together




































Thursday 14.12.2017
08:30 Welcome address & wrap-up of day 1
  Review of the workshop day 2 – organizational details
08:50 Parallel workshop sessions, 1st round
10:00 Parallel workshop sessions, 2nd round
11:10 Parallel workshop sessions, 3rd round




There will be guided discussions on various topics starting with poster presentations on novel technologies. This will be offered in three rounds. Participants can choose one topic for each session. Registration for these sessions will be during lunch break


Topics that will be offered in all rounds:

  1.    Chemical composition sensors
  2.    Rheology, fouling and particle size sensors
  3.    Process modelling and simulation
  4.    Closed loop process control
  5.    Data analytics for process, quality and asset monitoring
  6.    Data and tool integration - future vison
  7.    Case studies
  8.    Aspects of sensor development


Posters to be presented and discussed in workshop sessions are:

1. Chemical composition sensors

  • Design and Validation of a compact online NMR module
    L.Wander, S.Kern, K.Meyer, S.Guhl, A.Paul, M.Maiwald (BAM)
  • Reading between the Lines – Automated Data Analysis for low field NMR Spectra
    S.Guhl, S.Kern, K.Meyer, A.Paul, M.Maiwald (BAM)
  • Industrial analyzer technology – way for achievement of simplification through digitalization
    Piotr Strauch (Siemens AG)
  • Low maintenance laser-based  gas analyzers for process control and emission monitoring
    Pawel Kluczynski (Airoptic Sp. z o.o.)

  • In-line cascade laser spectrometer for process control
    Rainer Strzoda (Siemens AG)


2. Rheology, fouling and particle-size sensors

  • Particle Monitoring in industrial Processes using Sensors based on acoustic Wave Technologies Miguel-Ramos (University of Cambridge)
  • Challenge of real-time Measurement with Process Particle Analyser in the Industry
    R.R.Retamal Marín, F.Babick, M.Stintz, P.Martínez (TU Dresden)
  • Ultrasonic Fouling Sensor for Curved Tubular Reactors
    P.L.M.J.van Neer, A.T.van Zon, E.N.P.Boer, L.Geers, D.Piras, E.J.M.Giling (TNO)
  • Ultrasonic in-line Rheology Sensor for complex non-Newtonian Liquid Mixtures
    P.L.M.J.van Neer, U.Stelwagen, E.N.P.Boer, L.Geers, D.Piras, E.J.M.Giling (TNO)
  • Compact and cost effective online Granulometer for Particle Size Monitoring in industrial Applications
    R.Hussain, P.A.Martinez, V.Pruneri (Insttitut of Photonic Cience (ICFO))

3. Process modeling and simulation

  • Understanding and Controlling Coagulation, Fouling and Rheology: Particle-based Modeling of Polymer Latexes
    T.Chaloupka, M.Kroupa (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague)
  • Online Control of complex Properties possible by coupling a Monte Carlo Methods and surrogate Modelling
    T.Chaloupka, M.Kroupa (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague)
  • Identifiability Analysis and Model Reduction of a Semi-batch Emulsion Polymerization Process
    P. J. Joy, A. Mhamdi, A. Mitsos, RWTH Aachen University
  • Modelling the Dynamics of the Particle Morphology during the Synthesis of Structured Polymer Latex Particles
    Shaghayegh Hamzehlou; Noushin Rajabalinia; José R. Leiza; José M. Asua, POLYMAT, University of the Basque Country
  • Multiscale CFD modeling for Diagnosis and Improvement of Combustion in Cracking Furnace
    C. Herce, J. González-Rebordinos, T. Guégués, A.I. González-Espinosa, M.Gil - CIRCE (Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption); C. Cortés (University of Zaragoza); F. Brunet, L. Ferré. A.Arias (Dow Chemical Ibérica)

4. Closed-loop control of polymerization processes

  • Monitoring and Control of a continuous Polymerization Process in a CFI Reactor
    T.Goerke, S.Engell (TU Dortmund)
  • Quality Parameters monitoring and end-point Detection in Polyester Production Process with NIR Spectroscopy and multivariate Analysis
    R. Oliveira, C.Avila, C.Mantzaridis, J.Ferré, Juan (Universitat de Barcelona, University of Leeds, Megara Resins, Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
  • Challenges in online Monitoring and Model Predictive Control of a semi-batch Polymerization Process
    J. M. M. Faust, P. J. Joy, A. Mhamdi, A. Mitsos, RWTH Aachen University
  • Dynamic Optimization of a semi-batch Emulsion Polymerization Process to obtain desired Morphologies
    J. M. M. Faust, A. Mhamdi, A. Mitsos , RWTH Aachen University, S. Hamzehlou, J. R. Leiza, J. M. Asua, POLYMAT, University of the Basque Country

5. Cross-sectorial closed-loop process control

  • Framework for integrated Process Control and in-line Measurement of Walking Beam Furnace
    G. Nikolakopoulos (LTU), G. Georgoulas (LTU)
  • Integration of in-line Measurements, dynamic Process Models and real-time Control Tools for optimal Plant Operation in Liquid Steelmaking
    T. Kordel, B. Kleimt, A. Wolff (VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH), M. Cichonski, M. Potter (Minkon Sp. z o.o.), S. Will, M. Skorianz (thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG)
  • Multivariable real-time Control of Viscosity Curve for a continuous Production Process of a Non-Newtonian Fluid
    R.Mei, S.Tronci, M.Grosso, R.Baratti (Univ. Cagliari), F.Corominas (P&G)
  • Iterative real-time Optimization of an intensified Lithiation Process based on online NMR
    A.R.Gottu Mukkula, S.Engell (TU Dortmund)
  • Modular optimizing Control of flow-connected Process Units
    F.Schweers, C.Sonntag, S.Engell (TU Dortmund)

6. Data analytics for process, quality and asset monitoring

  • Online Performance Monitoring of PAT-based Process and Control
    N.Kerimoglu, J.Appel (Clariant)
  • Image-based Diagnosis Tool for Combustion Improvements
    A.I. González-Espinosa, C. Herce, L. Royo-Pascual, C. Gonzalo-Tirado, A.Nueno, M.Gil - CIRCE (Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption); A. Gil (University of Zaragoza); F. Brunet, L. Ferré. A.Arias (Dow Chemical Ibérica)
  • Sensors, Analysis and Control – DISIRE: for transport and processing of copper ore in deep under-ground mine
    R. Zimroz (KGHM PM S.A.), G. Georgoulas (LTU)
  • Moisture Monitoring and Process and end-point Detection in fluidized Bed Drying of pharmaceutical Granules with NIR Spectroscopy and multivariate Analysis Oliveira, C.Avila, F. Mahdi, J.Ferré, Juan (Universitat de Barcelona, University of Leeds, Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

7. Data and tool integration - future vision

  • From Big Data Analytics to advanced Process Control 4.0
    Andreas Krüger; Thomas Fröhse (atlan-tec GmbH)
  • DISIRE: Process Industry in the Era of Cloud Computing
    George Georgoulas (LTU)
  • PATBox : Global Process Control Platform
    Alejandro Rosales (IRIS)

8. Case studies

  • Validation of PAT-based Control and online data Analytics in a modular Plant under ATEX Conditions
    M.Holtkamp, M.Salge (INVITE)
  • New Opportunities for control and online Optimization of Polymer Processes by inline Sensing and model-predictive Control
    G.Fernandez, A.Wiedemann, M.Duarte, A.Stammer (BASF)
  • Towards automated continuous Production of comb-like Polymers
    Y.Matter (Coatex), J.Guilment (Arkema)

9. Aspects of sensor development

  • Roadmap for the international Standardization of Process Sensors
    M.Stintz, R.R. Retamal Marín (TU Dresden)
  • Sensor Requirement Engineering within CONSENS and beyond
    I.Nannen, M.Vogt, W.Kuipers, M.Deilmann (KROHNE)

12:10    Lunch break

13:00    B2B brokerage
              Targeted networking in structured bilateral meetings

15:00    Coffee break and networking

15:30    Wrap-up poster sessions

16:00    Final remarks

16:15    End of meeting

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